swiss replica rolex

swiss replica rolex

Rolex, the classic brand in Swiss watch industry, is the leading enterprise in the world watch industry. Since it was founded in 1908, it has passed more than one hundred years. At present, Rolex has branches in more than 20 cities, with the annual output of about 1 million, sales comfortably in leading position in the Swiss watch industry. Here let’s know about the elegant demeanour of the Rolex some watches within this one hundred years!

Up to this day, Rolex has got a lot of reputations and some of which are as follows:

1. In 1914, a small Rolex watch got class A certificate of the Kew Observatory, which was the highest evaluation that this British famous Observatory has never been awarded before.

2.This enterprise Brand in the World’s top 500 brands compiled by the World Brand Lab in the year 2006 ranked seventy-ninth in the list.

3.On December 30, 2008, in the selection activities of the “2008 world brand value laboratory of the year award” held by the world authoritative brand value research organization, the world brand value lab, Rolex with good brand image and brand vitality, acquired award of “China’s most competitive brand list”, and won the praise of the general customers.

For all the  replica rolexes, here will introduce you some classic ones, including the Rolex Oyster Datejust 116233 mechanical men watch, which features the Rolex 3135 automatic winding perpetual movement, waterproof of 100 meters/330 feets, watch dial of 36mm in diameter, water strap material of between gold chain strap and watch mirror material of sapphire crystal glass, selling at the price of ¥97,800 RMB.

Rolex accumulated the rich brand value in its history of one hundred years, at present, Rolex is continuing to carry forward the tradition, continuously improve to let every second of the life send out the colorful light!